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Candlemaking Workshop by Wick It Candle Bar

Candlemaking Workshop by Wick It Candle Bar

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Light up your creativity with our Candlemaking Workshop!

Join us for a fun and relaxing session where you'll learn the art of making beautiful, scented candles!

Our experienced instructor from Wick It Candle Bar will guide you through the process, from pouring and decorating your candle!

Perfect for beginners and seasoned crafters alike, this workshop offers a hands-on experience and a chance to create unique, personalized candles to take home. Whether you're looking for a fun activity with friends or a peaceful solo project, come and enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere of our candlemaking workshop. Illuminate your space with candles made by you!


Artist Spotlight:

Wick It Candle Bar was established in early 2023 by former corporate leader turned entrepreneur, Danica Hartenfels. She saw a niche that was missing in her community in the Pocono Mountains, PA where people can come together and curate their own eco-friendly premium soy wax candles.

Her mission is to bring people together to make a candle, make a memory, and make a new friend all while bringing the community together.

Wick It Candle Bar’s candles are clean burning, have a low carbon footprint, offer clean scents that are phthalate free, and use cotton wicks all of which make these candles environmental.

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