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Sourdough-Making Workshop by The Loaf Lab

Sourdough-Making Workshop by The Loaf Lab

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Join us for a hands-on Sourdough-Making Workshop hosted by The Loaf Lab!

  • Learn the terminology and troubleshooting tips, make dough together, and discover how to prepare it for the next step.
  • Take your dough home to bake and enjoy freshly made sourdough.
  • Students will keep all the supplies they use during the class.
  • Plus, receive a booklet with detailed instructions and discard recipes to continue your sourdough journey at home.
  • Gluten-free is available at an upcharge.
  • Perfect for beginners and seasoned bakers alike!


Artist Spotlight: 

The Loaf Lab is a renowned name in the world of artisan baking. Featured in the Daily Star (Oneonta, NY) and on WZOZ radio station, The Loaf Lab has become a community favorite for its engaging and informative sourdough classes.

With a passion for teaching, The Loaf Lab has hosted numerous workshops at county libraries and performed live demonstrations at various events. Their dedication to the craft has been recognized by King Arthur Flour, awarding them for their exceptional baking skills. Notably, their Peanut Monster and Maple S'mores & More creations won top honors in a baking contest.

Join us at Not Your Mama's Farmhouse for a Sourdough-Making Workshop by The Loaf Lab and experience their award-winning techniques and recipes firsthand!

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